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PROTEIN POWDER: Should I use one?

  So…protein powders. We’ve all heard about them, perhaps some of you use them. Or perhaps you believe they are only for the hard-core gym goers and the beefy dudes who throw heavy weights around. While this is true to a certain extent I think they’re excellent and can be really useful for a number of people and situations. Protein in this form means that amino-acids (the protein building blocks for …um…our WHOLE bodies) are highly bio-available to our system. They are quickly and easily absorbed and utilized which is why it is a great option if you are training. But also great if you fall into these categories…

How to make your own chocolate. Because, well…CHOCOLATE!

Ah chocolate we love it, we crave it, we want it (now!), we hate it (no, you’re right, this is a lie), we celebrate with it and we console with it. Even if you’re trying to be healthier and make better choices when it come to what goes in your gob, I 100% believe that chocolate can always be included. Yep, you heard right. Chocolate is not a dirty word. Chocolate can should be a health food. “You WILL have your chocolate and eat it too!” The trick is to choose the right chocolate. Always try to opt for as dark as you can tolerate (I loourve 85% dark choc) – the darker it is generally the less added sugar there will be. We know sugar is the ingredient that turns us into chocolate devouring monsters. Organic is always lovely and check out the ingredient list, the fewer the better. Of course one of the best ways to know exactly what’s in your chocolate is by making your own. It’s very quick and easy, doesn’t require …

Easy, Quick, Nutritious – One Pan Breakfast

If I can make this healthy, nutrient dense, filling and delicious one pan breakfast dish from the back of a camper van on the side of a road…then I reckon you’re not going to have any problems in your kitchen. While on a road trip though the UK last spring it was cold. Especially for a solar powered Aussie.  Hearty, warming and nutritious food was required. At all times. And quite frankly, porridge in the mornings was just not cutting the mustard. Not to mention I’m a huge fan of cramming as much nutrition into every meal as I possibly can. Therefore eggs and veggies seemed the obvious choice.

Crowd Pleasing Roast Carrots. For Even The Toughest Crowd!

This is THE easiest, quickest and most fuss free way to get fabulous carrots any day of the week. Any vegetables actually. I’m not going to discriminate. As this recipe is so quick and easy-peasy, I’m going to keep this whole post quick and easy-peasy. Because at this time of year we’ve all got more important things to do…like drink cocktails made by our hunky personal barman, or design art and craft gifts for our loved ones (by loved ones I mean my cat. Okay…cats)*.

My (almost) FAMOUS Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs. Delicious, nutritious and much easier and quicker to whip up while you’re half asleep than a breakfast souffle with all the bells and whistles (yet just as impressive). Hell, it’s even easier than a bowl of cereal on a standard get-kids-to-school-then-get-to-work morning, not to mention being a hundred billion times more nutritious (than many typical breakfast cereals). Having said that, there is a HUGE difference between fabulous scrambled eggs and disappointing, watery, flavorless ones.  Today I’m going to share my tricks and tips on how you can quickly and easily transform “meh..” scramble into “holy-shit-balls” scramble. Now, I do feel it’s important that I mention my scrambles are a little bit famous (gotta blow my own horn sometimes). Requested by the owners and their guests time and again (when I say ‘owners’ I’m referring to the people who own the yacht I worked on this year). It was also excitedly requested that I share my “trick” with the incredibly exuberant and lovely owner/designer of a well known Turkish clothing brand (there’s that horn again!). To …