Do you wish you felt healthy, vibrant, full of energy and happy..?

Do you feel frustrated with ALL the fads, trends, unrealistic diets and confusing information out there..?

Do you want a realistic approach? One that’s tailored specifically to YOU and YOUR lifestyle?

A strategy that’s bullshit free and bursting with motivation, support and fun..?

Do you wish I would stop asking blatantly obvious and slightly annoying questions..?

Thought so.

We can work one-on-one to:

  • Achieve your health and well-being related goals, OR figure out what specifically they are
  • Boost your food and nutrition awareness and confidence to have you feeling great from the inside out
  • Identify limiting beliefs and habits that aren’t supportive of a healthy, vibrant lifestyle – and bust them together
  • Work on developing healthful habits and rituals that fit easily and seamlessly into your lifestyle
  • Find new and interesting way to get active, and STAY active
  •  Give you the skills to always choose the best and most healthful options in any situation…for the rest of your life

If this sounds just like what you’ve been waiting for you can book your session today. Sessions can be held via Skype/phone or in person (if you’re in the Clare Valley, South Australia); they are 60-min and $100 per session.

stockholmStill got a few questions..? Or perhaps you’re unsure if someone like me could help someone like you…? No worries – I totally get that. Which is why you can book in for a FREE 10-minute chat with me before diving in


The BEST way to optimize your coaching sessions is to consider a 6-session bundle. A great value for money option throughout which I am available for support, encouragement, questions and, if you need….tough love!  6 x 1 hour sessions for $545 


I can’t wait to work with you!