Get Spunky Nutrition Guide

I’m quite excited to bring this delicious guide to you. It’s due out at the end of April 2017.

What is it all about….

This is the prefect next stepping stone if you’ve already completed the 7-Day BOOSTER (or even if you haven’t you will still get loads from it). This is specifically all about FOOD!

The guide includes recipes for 5 lunches and 5 dinners, plus 3 breakfasts – each recipe has both a written AND a video component. I should also point out there are plenty of snack options (and perhaps a bonus recipe or two) and I show you some of my favorite go-to snack that will nourish and support your system.

The main outcomes of this Food Guide is to show you how delicious and easy eating for optimum health can be. I didn’t want to call it a detox or a diet because those words often have negative connotations around them. This isn’t about deprivation, it’s about flooding our bodies with nutrients while giving it a break from some of the common foods that can make it work harder than necessary.

I fully expect you to feel more energetic, clearer, lighter and happier after the 5 days. I also expect you to be experiencing less bloating, gas, re-flux, constipation, fluid retention and other digestive discomforts you may have previously experienced.

If this has you feeling inspired and excited you can register your interest now and over the coming weeks be the first to receive information on availability and when its ready to rock and roll!