A workshop where together we simplify & empower your approach to nutrition, exercise & happiness

Choose your workshop time:

Monday Night 3rd of April 7-9pm OR

Friday Morning 7 of April 9.30-11.30am


So who the hell are we and why would you want to listen to us? 

Great question, so here it is… 

I’m Erin,  I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement & Health Studies and I’m an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. I will dive into all the food, nutrition, exercise, sleep, hormones and achieving realistic balance.

Hey, I’m Hollie and I have a Bachelor of Health Science Paramedics. I use to save people’s lives for a living, I was paramedic and in some ways I still do that….

I still rescue and save the lives, but not of humans, of businesses and Facebook ad campaigns. I save people from wasting money, spending 6 months trying to figuring it out by themselves, getting super frustrated and taking shots in the dark.

I was a Paramedic for 10 years so have loads of stories about health and wellness. But, I really want to share my story from last year. My roller coaster ride from leaving Paramedics and how I can crashing down from such a high stress environment and readjusting to a normal stress level life.

So come hang-out. It’ll be fun, and you might just start to feel spunkier too.

The adventure will begin with:

  • Enjoy a welcome smoothie
  • We will share our stories
  • Erin dives into “The Big Impact Factors: Food, nutrition, exercise, sleep, hormones and the ultimate balance”
  • Simple stretches & relaxation
  • Tools to get unstuck and moving forward
  • Discover your love language
  • Drinks, dips and Q&A time

Come hang out, it will be fun!